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At OES we consider our clients’ success our greatest accomplishment. We take pride in the work we do and keep our focus on results. With expert consulting, solid planning and integrity in execution we deliver a total package for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs, add convenience and flexibility to their energy plan or minimize their carbon footprint. Here are some highlights of our track record:

Company Highlights

Area True Value project saves $13,483 per year.
“The whole process went very well and didn’t interfere with our operations” -Jeff Haas
Freezer & Cooler Systems Upgrades deliver a better shopping experience.
Freeman Surgical Center project saves $98,815 in the first year!
Trouw Nutrition project saves $12,800 per year.
Over 70% of the Trouw Nutrition project costs were paid for by energy incentives.
Compressed air leakage identification is a quick way to identify your money leaks.
Standard Transportation project saves $23,360 per year.
Mill’s Park Centre project saves $1,980 per year.
Con-Way Truckload now realizes a $79,760 energy savings each year.
Remote access to your lighting saves time and money.
K & S Wire Products project saves $8,950 per year.
Newton & Neosho county libraries projects save $2,610 per year.
“We have met the projected reduction in cost and are very pleased.” -Bill Leitle, Owner
Energy audits are an important beginning to any project.
Leitle Carquest project saves $2,013 per year.

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“Watch the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.”
~ Benjamin Franklin