Time for LED Lighting for Your Business?

November 12, 2014 Blog 0 comments

Everyone is talking about LED and for good reason. In the last two years the price has dropped while the performance has increased. Now there are LED options for almost every application in your business. It could be an entirely new fixture for your parking lot, warehouse, or maybe just a lamp in the fixture above your desk right now.

At Conway Truckload’s parking lot we replaced outdated 1,000 watt High Pressure Sodium fixtures mounted 50′ with a 192 watt LED fixture. This maintained the light levels and decreased the power usage by over 80%.

Matter’s Jewelry on the square in Neosho could no longer get fluorescent tubes for their cases because they were discontinued. We were able to install LED tubes with only slight modifications to the case and the results are dramatic.

A local travel agency’s 15 year old fluorescent lighting system was really starting to show its age. Ballasts are failing frequently now and the performance of the lamps are degraded. We are eliminating the troublesome ballasts and thanks to Empire District Electric’s great rebate program we installing LED tubes for less money than they would have paid just to replace the old ballast. Plus, we’re cutting the power of the fixture in half which also means less heat for their air conditioner to remove.

What needs to change at your place?

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